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Dorina Dimagli – Interior Design
Sos Pipera-Tunari Nr.131, Voluntari (Ilfov)
0722 305 558

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The DD concept is based entirely on high quality interior design, both aesthetically and in terms of services. We strongly believe that the improvements which could be brought to the quality of your life are based on the harmony of the place you live in.

Who Are We?

A big team who works in order to bring your projects to life.

Our team is made up of design specialists. In addition to the theoretical knowledge, the practical experience is a key element: we have been involved in design projects for years and so we have dealt with a variety of fields ( from beauty services and fashion design to interior design).

With an army of designers behind us, we ensure that every client has the chance to watch their dream come true. In order to do this, we provide services varying from production to counseling.

Why DD Design?

We work to fulfill desires written on paper.


We believe that every successful collaboration is based on empathy. We always resonate with the ideas we share and we are happy that our vision grows along with our clients’ projects. Besides, the client has an active participation in the project development, so „collaboration” is the word that describes us.

Intelligent Investment

When it comes to interior design, the costs are low compared to the quality. The purpose of interior design is to bring value to every object in the house that defines you. The well being consists in the quality of the things you use everyday, as well as in the visual satisfaction you get from them. This way, the secret of our services is rooted into the inspired projection of the best solutions for your needs. We want you to get the maximum result for your investment.


To our mind, there are no „standard offers”. Every project we take on is personalized, and your style becomes our style. Vintage, urban, classic? The flexibility of our team allows us to work just as well on each one of them. Moreover, because we know how precious time is, we structure the plan so that you know when you can throw that housewarming party!

The Talent Behind Reputation

The DD concept built its good reputation based on high quality services. We are sure that the credits belong to the team we’ve built along the way. We’ve gathered motivated and creative people who are passionate about design. Aesthetic sense dominates their talent, and what we enjoy most is that we’ve managed to project this to onto our clients. Our gifted team managed to satisfy even our most demanding clients.

Do you have a project? Let’s talk!

Regardless of the style you want to decorate your home, we are at your disposal with interior design services that will make you fall in love with your home again.


Dorina Dimagli - Interior Design

Sos Pipera-Tunari Nr.131, Voluntari (Ilfov)

0722 305 558

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