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Dorina Dimagli – Interior Design
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Inspiration for your home!

Every design project created by us is unique and personalized.

Design consultancy at its best. Over time, we’ve learned that people’s ideas and needs are unique and in need of all of our attention and creativity. Your home is supposed to be the place which inspires and relaxes you the way no other place in the world can do.

In our opinion, comfort is not a caprice, but a necessity. This is why we give every single idea serious thought and we pay close attention to your needs and suggestions. This way we can ensure that the action plan reflects the best strategy for your home and family.



We are very excited to hear your story. What are your expectations? How do you visualize the final result of your project? Let’s get to know each other better! Our offer will reflect your expectations precisely.



Over time, we’ve learned that people’s needs are different. So are our approaches. With every experience, we’ve become more skilled. Let us show you what we can do!



We offer you professional services. We are transparent and pragmatic in making budgeting plans. We don’t have small or big projects, we only provide great quality projects that we treat as such.

Latest Projects

Every design project made by us is unique and personalized.

Our attention has been fully directed towards detail and quality materials. In each one of our projects, we distributed the resources so that the result can reflect the best visual shape of our core idea. Every experience has filled us with satisfaction, has put us in a permanent connection with the latest news and technologies and encouraged us to continuously improve our solutions and approaches.

We send a big thank you to everyone who gave us this opportunity. We promise to get better and better!

We know how hard it is to start a new interior design project

No matter the size of the space, the apartments can easily become the mirror of the customer’s expectations.

We offer you a wide range of services that will help you create a personalized and harmonious living space. This gives you the opportunity to go through a constructive and detailed process, consisting in the following steps:

Step 1

Executing The Plan

The plan is an essential part in the elaboration of intervention projects on existing buildings: consolidations, rehabilitation, refunctionalization, transformation, etc.


Step 2

Preliminary Questionnaire

Most people are stressed when arranging their house, because they only think about the costs.

We are trying to get to know you better, in order to outline the perfect project, and to establish the best quality/price ratio.


Step 3

Building The 2D Project

  • furnishing plans;
  • electric installation plan;
  • finishes stereotomy;
  • unique furniture drawings (This step includes two versions of furnishing plans).

Step 4

The Selection Of Furniture And Of Finishes, Supported By Moodboards

Depending on the field and the nature of the project, a moodboard contains elements that support the idea: color samples, textures, fonts, forms, photographs reflecting a particular style or mood.


Step 5

Building The 3D Project

The making of the 3D projects, starting from 2D drawings can be done either with the initial data on paper, either in digital format:

  • 3D modeling of the space and the proposal made by our team
  • creating 3D views for bringing you closer to the ambience you want

Step 6

Purchasing Advice, Facilitationg Discussions With Our Official Partners.

Dorina Dimagli works exclusively with traditional companies, that treat every client with respect.

To see a list with our partners, click here!


Do you have a project? Let’s talk!

Regardless of the style you want to decorate your home, we are at your disposal with interior design services that will make you fall in love with your home again.


Dorina Dimagli - Interior Design

Sos Pipera-Tunari Nr.131, Voluntari (Ilfov)

0722 305 558

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